Ammunition for Classes

As we all know, there is a great ammunition shortage right now and we want to make sure that if you want to take one of our classes and you are having difficulty finding ammunition to use in our class we will have ammunition available for you to purchase to run the class. To take advantage of this you need to be signed up for a class and you need to contact me ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE and tell me what caliber you need and I will have it on the range that day for you to purchase and shoot. Because there is a shortage, we are limiting the purchase of ammo to those who are signed up for class for class purposes only--we want anyone who wants to learn to have that opportunity. Thank you for your understanding and as always we look forward to training with you!

(Prices are subject to change)

per 50 rounds:

.380 $15.00

9 mm $15.00

.40 S&W $15.00

.45 ACP $15.00

.223 $24.00