I want to thank Jim and his incredible staff for teaching me so much tonight! I highly recommend EVERYONE take the basic CHL class even if you never carry. It's just full of great info and facts! --Bill Post

I have taken both the OCC class and Personal Security 1 class, I immensely enjoy them both. Great group of Instructors that want to see you succeed. I went to Jim's classes based on the recommendation of a co-worker, so happy I did. I am looking forward to other training sessions with the Jacobe group. --Marie Westrope

Great and informative class! First impression's already have me planning to take more classes!!! --Corey Fehr

Great group, great practical self-defense training for the real world. --Bill Sheretz

I would definitely recommend Jim's classes here in Salem, on CHL, self defense, shooting and legal classes...be a responsible gun owner! Check out his facebook page. --Linda Seaman

Excellent, no-punches pulled training, friendly supportive staff, and up-to-date information. The training is geared for everyone from the novice to the experienced professional. If you want real-world training that sticks with you, in an environment that encourages learning and growth, The Jacobe Group is the best choice anywhere! --Misti Webb

The best firearms training you can find in the Willamette Valley. --Devin Malcom Robertson

Top notch firearms training in Salem. Highly recommend! --Loni Barrett

This was my CHL instructor, He's a good guy! --Keith Collins

Took a class with the Jacobe Group, and will happily take another class with these folks. Will recommend to more friends than I already have. --Alexander Koczur

Great group of people. --Levi Child

Jim, I attended you class this past Thursday evening and all I can say is "Thank You."  I took your class as a requirement to obtain my CHL, but came away with so much more than just the basics.  You and your staff are clearly knowledgeable and passionate about firearm safety and use.  When time and funds allow, I look forward to taking your Personal Security I class.  Again, many thanks for a wonderful class.  --Alex Kaduck


Jim, Thanks for the excellent instruction you and your group provide.  I attended the CHL class which "triggered" my "I didn't knowwhat I didn't know" response, so I attended Personal Security I.  The classroom instruction was very informative and presented in a way that held my interest.  The range time was very valuable to me.  The instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and patient.  This course and the range experience has boosted my confidence, that I, a near-60 female with very little gun experience, can protect myself.  Thanks for the valuable service you provide, not only to the public, but in support of law enforcement.  --Connie